Alex Truxton

Marketing Coordinator/Executive Assistant to Lauraine Bifulco

Alex Truxton

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“Alex Truxton is the Marketing Coordinator &  Executive Assistant to Lauraine Bifulco, President & CEO of VantaggioHR.

Alex Truxton began working for VantaggioHR in the Spring of 2017. With over 10 years of experience in administration, including communication and correspondence, Alex’s background is a unique blend of corporate experience, relationship management, and community outreach. Proactive and decisive, this combination makes her well suited for her role at VantaggioHR as a Marketing Liason and Communication Coordinator for the President/CEO.

Alex recently graduated with her B.A. from UC Davis where she focused on conducting studies and producing research centered around her community’s mental health concerns. Shortly after graduating she brought her findings outside the classroom by coupling her studies with her passion for yoga, fitness, and children. After practicing yoga within the context of management and marketing, Alex spent several years traveling in order to broaden her education & skillset. She returned to Orange County, CA to build a career using her organizational & communication qualifications as well her newly acquired experiences.

When Alex is not coordinating with our marketing expertise or Vantaggio HR’s President/CEO, she is most likely on her yoga mat, enjoying time as a new Aunt or making arrangements for future travels.”


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