Amy Whitcomb

Payroll and Benefits Consultant

Amy Whitcomb - California Labor Law

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Amy Whitcomb’s 15 plus years of accounting, payroll and benefits experience, provides her with a unique perspective in dealing with, and advising clients, regarding their complex payroll and benefits issues. Amy joined Vantaggio HR in 2003 and for 3 years as our Office Manager, Vantaggio HR ran seamlessly thanks to the savvy and skills Amy brought to this role. She was responsible for the general management of the company and for advising clients in the areas of payroll and benefit administration. Amy plies her skills most adeptly at firm marketing, client services, and financial administration. Currently Amy works with a variety of clients assisting with processing payroll, systems optimization, benefits administration, and training

Before joining Vantaggio HR, Amy played a pivotal role in the accounting department at Metagenics, a leading neutracutical company. There, she carried out assistant controller duties and trained new staff members in collections and account receivable functions. This Southern California native received her bachelor of arts in psychology from the University of Texas in Austin and currently lives in San Clemente. In addition to her role at Vantaggio HR, Amy is a freelance portrait photographer and will be doing some photography work for Vantaggio’s new website. Most importantly, she is a proud mom to son, Charlie, who has recently started middle school, plays Lacrosse and the cello.

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