Ashleigh Gurezcny

Manager, San Diego Region, HR Consultant

Ashleigh Gurezcny

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Ashleigh Gureczny joined the Vantaggio HR team with over 7 years of experience in Human Resources and compliance management. Ashleigh has been with Vantaggio since 2012 and leads the San Diego region by teaming with companies of all sizes on a variety of projects including on-site HR management, federal and state employment law compliance, and operational change management.

Prior to joining Vantaggio HR, she headed up the HR department at several companies in San Diego and Orange County.Understanding how important small and growing businesses are to California’s economy, Ashleigh is most proud of the work she did building the HR department at a start-up organization in Solana Beach. In each of these organizations, Ashleigh was responsible for compliance, training and performance management, compensation and succession planning, and creating organizational policies and procedures.

As an HR consultant at Vantaggio HR, Ashleigh has been responsible for a wide array of projects including but not limited to drafting job descriptions and employee handbooks, conducting exempt/non-exempt classifications audits,auditing and overseeing implementation of a leave administration system for a 3000 employee organization;auditing HR practices, implementing streamlined systems and procedures, conducting Harassment Prevention training,and managing high risk employee relations issues/terminations at various clients throughout Southern California.

Ashleigh is a member of the national and San Diego chapters of SHRM and San Diego HR Round table. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in Communications and Psychology.As a native San Diegan she is passionate about the community and growing businesses in the county. Ashleigh is also a Life Coach working specifically with teenage girls on issues of self-esteem and empowerment.

Ashleigh and her husband both enjoy the beautiful weather Southern California has to offer by hiking and camping in the mountains and beaches. The two “foodies” love trying new restaurants, attending various cultural festivals, and cooking big meals along side their friends. And in her spare time, Ashleigh teaches and performs as a Flamenco Dancer with her grandmother’s dance studio.

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