We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses with HR solutions created specifically for them. Vantaggio works alongside each and every client to ensure that their unique HR needs are being met and HR best practices guide the project. Whether that means providing businesses with on-site services,offering project or case specific advice, or even becoming a fully outsourced HR department, our HR solutions company takes the stress out of HR and gives our clients the opportunity to focus on growing their businesses.

  • "In our experience, Lauraine brings unparalleled insight and human resource expertise to her clients."

    Wendy A. Woldt, Esq. and Stefan R. Miller Esq. Woldt & Associates
  • "I have enjoyed immensely working with Lauraine over the past years. She has proven invaluable to me to lay the foundation for a new business that has since taken off. Lauraine has very unique skills that cross over a diverse range of expertise. She thus provides a unique service that I have found useful on many levels from contract negotiations to negotiations with employees. I would recommend Lauraine wholeheartedly to any business that wants to stay focused on business and do so efficiently and uninhibited"

    John W. Shrader Diversified Transcription Services, Inc.
  • “Our attorney reviewed the contents of our new corporate policy manual that you wrote for us. His comments were ‘First-rate, thorough and as comprehensive a policy manual as I have ever read.’ I shouldn’t be surprised; the professional manner in which you and your staff have addressed our project is consistent with the excellent results.”

    Ray PryzgodaPacific Bay International, Inc.
  • "As a smaller company, we rely on Vantaggio to be our HR experts. We have an "as needed" contract, and it works perfectly. We can call when we need to, and we know we are getting professional, timely advice. I would suggest that all small businesses rely on Vantaggio to help keep in compliance."

    Tiffany Armstrong Office Manager
    Color West Painting, Inc.
  • "Bringing in Vantaggio was the best thing we ever did. Our on-site consultant, has been wonderful. She's done a great job reviewing our operation and providing guidance on the issues that arise each day. At the same time, she's done a wonderful job training our staff. We're now ready to transition to the "relax" Program and feel fully confident that Vantaggio will be there when we need them. I would urge anyone who needs HR help to call Vantaggio."

    Monica Bahr, VPRisk Management
    Medical Specialties Managers, Inc.
  • "La Jolla Pacific's business relationship with Vantaggio HR reaches back roughly 15 years, when we were just a fraction of our current staff size. As we have grown and expanded throughout the U.S., we have found the Consultants at Vantaggio HR to be reliable colleagues in providing us timely, accurate and dependable assistance in the realm of HR strategies and policies. We highly recommend Lauraine and her team in assisting with your HR needs."

    Don Neff
    President/CEOLa Jolla Pacific, Ltd.
  • "Vantaggio HR has been a key partner in formulating and communicating a rather complex compensation plan. Without Vantaggio at our sides we would not have been able to execute on our new compensation plan for our sales executives. This plan is now working exceptionally well as a HR document and a sales performance driver."

    Michael A. Han
    PresidentThe Wedding Ring Shop
  • "We found Vantaggio very professional, knowledgeable and cost-efficient. Working with them is like hiring three senior HR consultants at the price of one HR manager. In fact we have been supported by three consultants whose roles are divided among planning, daily tasks and professional advice. Even if you hire the best HR manager, it is very unlikely he or she can do good job in all of these areas. They support our business in Hawaii and California from a remote office in Maui. But I never felt they were remote. They are always available, detailed and very quick."

    Hiro Tamaki
    FounderSatura Cakes
  • "All of us at Lahaina Grill always enjoy the terrific support and professionalism Vantaggio has to offer. We have had nothing but great experiences in employing Lauraine and her team of highly qualified & extremely knowledgeable specialists with assisting us in updating, outsourcing, dealing and navigating through the many complex issues of HR. I can only highly recommend using Vantaggio’s services to any business owner looking to greatly improve and enhance the HR aspect and development of their respective businesses."

    Jurg Munch
    Proprietor Lahaina Grill
  • “I would recommend using Vantaggio HR if your organization needs high quality Human Resource Consulting services. Along with providing HR compliance audit and assessment services, Vantaggio has done an excellent job in helping our companies find, evaluate and hire exceptional management level employees. Vantaggio provides a wide range of services that allowed us to determine what aspects of the recruiting process we controlled internally, and which services we outsourced to Vantaggio. Throughout the process, Vantaggio HR’s service and professionalism has been outstanding.”

    Kimo Haynes
    President Maui Petroleum * Hawaii Petroleum *Minit Stop
  • "Lauraine has built a terrific (and award winning) HR consulting business. Beyond their HR savvy, they have a modern look at the world, and have been a great culture fit for our company."

    Matthew Everitt
    CMA, CFM
  • “Having Vantaggio HR in Hawaii offers a huge advantage to the restaurant industry dealing with ever evolving rules and regulations. A full service team of HR professionals is now available from Vantaggio HR to assist with our diverse hospitality issues in Hawaii.”

    Laren McShane Gartner
    Founder and CEO Laren McShane Gartner, Founder and CEO
  • Vantaggio HR has been working with TS Restaurants in Hawaii and California for the past 15 years or so providing guidance in our HR programs. Lauraine and her staff have been fantastic in establishing and reviewing our programs over the years. They are a great resource and very knowledgeable. Vantaggio always adapted well to our needs and style of business.”

    Dick Moon
    Vice President/Sr. Partner T.S. Restaurants

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