Small to mid-sized employers frequently don’t need their own, full-time HR manager. HR Outsourcing is a perfect solution! We learn about your business, understand your challenges, and help you find a solution that meets your company’s unique needs.

Our customized HR outsourcing programs provide the following:

  • Dedicated HR Consultant – your VHR consultant will be present in your office on a regular basis and available when off–site;
  • Virtual HR Department – a team of HR consultants, each with 10+ years of human resource management experience. Over 200 years of collective HR experience;
  • Senior and VP Level Consultants – available for complex matters;
  • Scalability – an entire HR department at your disposal, our HR outsourcing program often costs less than putting an associate level HR employee on your own payroll. ;
  • Flexibility – providing more help during times of increased activity;
  • Special Projects – recruiting, employee handbook drafting, audits, training, compensation planning, etc.;
  • Objectivity – outside, third party perspective on your challenging employee situations;
  • HR Systems – you pick or stay with your existing policies, payroll, HR systems. We don’t force you into our model.
  • Control – you remain the employer and retain full control over the employment relationship. No joint-employment.

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