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With a host of services custom-tailored to meet the needs of your company, Vantaggio can provide project- or case-specific expertise. We offer the following both to companies without an internal HR department or to assist an existing HR team:

A Few More Products & Services

  • Leave Administration Kit

    Our comprehensive leave administration kit combines the notice requirements for federal FMLA leaves as well as state-specific leaves that allow you to issue easy-to-understand documents to your employees requesting leave. The kit contains customizable, form-field documents with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Available “off the shelf” for California and Hawaii and as a custom order for other states.
  • COBRA notice Kit

    For employers who want the option of handling their own COBRA administration, our COBRA notice kit contains customizable, form-field documents with clear, easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Training

    We offer an array of HR-relatedtraining topics including:

    • Employment Law 101;
    • HR Basics for Supervisors;
    • Discipline & Terminations;
    • FMLA and other Mandated Leaves;
    • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training;
    • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Classifications;
    • Independent Contractors and;
    • many more.

    Trainings are available as 2 hour, half day, full day, and multiple session series. Custom topics also available.

  • Employment Posters

    Our combination state and federal combined posters include all mandated posting notices for your location (all 50 states) and company size.

  • Federal and State Labor Law Compliance

    New and complex employment laws and regulations are constantly being implemented or modified. Many of them affect companies with as few as one employee.

  • On-site HR Services

    Vantaggio HR's consultants are available to provide personalized, on-site assistance to interact with both management and employees on a variety of human resource issues.
  • New Hire Paperwork

    We offer customized new employee packets that contain all the paperwork necessary to process your new hires, including mandated forms as well as company-specific documents such as trade secret protection agreements, employment contracts, etc.

  • Payroll Administration

    In conjunction with your current payroll processing system or with one of our partner firms we can provide set up and ongoing administration of all of your payroll needs, including: time keeping systems, benefit accruals, workers compensation reporting, unemployment claim administration, and more.

  • Employee Benefit Plan Administration

    Vantaggio HR can help you determine the optimal employee benefits package, where to get the best coverage, and how to select a broker who will provide first-rate customer service. Whether starting a brand new plan or changing an existing plan, our consultants can assist with plan design, costs, employee contributions, enrollment meetings, claims administration and more.

  • Compensation Planning

    Vantaggio HR can assist with customized salary surveys; establishing pay grades; and implementing compensation programs such as annual increases, bonus, incentive, and commission plans.

  • Labor Commissioner Complaints

    Vantaggio HR can help you prepare for labor commissioner conferences and hearings concerning employee wage and hour complaints. Upon request, our consultants can attend these meetings with you to provide additional guidance.

  • Expert Witness Testimony

    Vantaggio HR's consultants can assist in an employer's defense against claims of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, wage and hour actions, and class action lawsuits.

  • Organizational Development

    Vantaggio HR can assist employers with a variety of organizational development projects such as employee and group assessments, training, leadership development, succession planning, and growth strategies.

  • Merger and Acquisition Consulting

    We believe that people are the most important aspects of any merger and acquisition but HR is too frequently overlooked in the fervor to get the deal done! By helping define and act upon critical human resource issues, Vantaggio HR can increase the likelihood of the project's success, on both an individual and a corporate level.

  • Systems Implementation

    Anyone who has been through an HR system conversion, upgrade or implementation knows that getting it right takes a lot of hard work. Whether dealing with payroll, timekeeping, or human resource information systems, your vendor's team of implementation specialists still depends on gathering information from and having decisions made by you.

    To help ensure that your implementation is as successful as possible, Vantaggio HR can bring you a team of HR systems consultants that are experienced in both implementing and using many of these systems. Having worked across many platforms, company sizes, and industries with clients whose needs vary from one project to the next, Vantaggio HR experts are poised to bring their comprehensive knowledge and prior experience to your implementation.

    Whether your internal team needs help navigating the RFP process, assistance with project management, or full implementation support, Vantaggio can customize an HR systems implementation package to fit your company's needs.

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