Employers are often faced with the stressful task of terminating employees. Whether the result of a layoff, elimination of a position, or firing someone for cause, the employee termination process is never easy.

Challenges can arise when the employee in question:

  • Is out on protected leave;
  • Has made comments regarding potential medical issues;
  • Is known or perceived by the employer to have a protected disability;
  • Has recently had a work-related injury or illness;
  • Has complained of harassment/discrimination or is a witness in a harassment/discrimination investigation;
  • Has filed or threatened to file a wage & hour claim or other complaint of unfair practices;
  • Has exercised his/her protected rights under the National Labor Relations Act;
  • Is part of a layoff where a majority of affected employees is in a protected class;
  • Has demonstrated threatening or violent behavior.

Vantaggio HR consultants are experts in helping clients:

  • Review all pre-termination decisions,
  • Identify potential risks,
  • Map out strategies for employee terminations;
  • Engage experienced employment counsel when necessary;
  • Conduct exit interviews.

We will be there every step of the way to ensure difficult terminations are handled professionally and without negatively impacting your business.

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