Why choose VantaggioHR as
your HR outsourcing partner?

More and more ERs are becoming multi-state as companies move increasingly to EEs working from home offices. This brings complex compliance challenges to any organization.

Generally, the state where employee works dictates law – not state where company in headquartered.

Many HR managers are familiar just with their state – at Vantaggio HR we can help you in all 50.


The VantaggioHR promise to:

  • Establishment as new employer in any state
  • HR and payroll admin in all 50 states
  • Multi-state policies, handbooks
  • All required documentation for new state employees
  • Multi-state leave of absence administration
  • Stay abreast of federal and state employment law updates
  • Multi-state wage and hour compliance

Our unique HR Outsourcing
programs will provide you with


An entire HR department at your disposal, our HR outsourcing program often costs less than putting an associate level HR employee on your own payroll.

Virtual HR Department

A team of HR consultants, each with 10+ years of human resource management experience. Over 200 years of collective HR experience.

A Dedicated HR Consultant

Your consultant will be present in your office on a regular basis and available when off–site.

HR Systems

You pick or stay with your existing policies, payroll, HR systems. We don’t force you into our model.


Providing more help during times of increased activity.

Special Projects

Recruiting, employee handbook drafting, audits, training, compensation planning, etc.


You remain the employer and retain full control over the employment relationship. No joint-employment.


Outside, third party perspective on your challenging employee situations.

Senior and VP Level Consultants

Available for complex matters.

Meet Your New Outsourced HR Team