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Workplace Investigations and Employee Terminations

We understand that employee investigations and terminations can be very stressful. Whether as a result of a layoff, elimination of a position, or firing someone for cause, the employment termination process is never easy. Let Vantaggio HR take that stress away and allow us to handle the investigation and termination process for you.

Workplace Investigations feature

Vantaggio HR consultants are experts in employee investigations and terminations. We will:

  • Review all pre-termination decisions,
  • Identify potential risks,
  • Map out strategies for employee terminations;
  • Engage experienced employment counsel when necessary;
  • Conduct exit interviews.

We know that there are many challenges that can arise when terminating an employee, especially if the employee:

  • Is out on protected leave;
  • Has made comments regarding potential medical issues;
  • Is known or perceived by the employer to have a protected disability;
  • Has recently had a work-related injury or illness;
  • Has complained of harassment/discrimination or is a witness in a harassment/discrimination investigation;
  • Has filed or threatened to file a wage & hour claim or other complaint of unfair practices;
  • Has exercised his/her protected rights under the National Labor Relations Act;
  • Is part of a layoff where a majority of affected employees is in a protected class;
  • Has demonstrated threatening or violent behavior.

We will be there every step of the way to ensure difficult investigations and terminations are handled professionally, without negatively impacting your business.

Meet Your New Outsourced HR Team for Employee Terminations & Investigations