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Hawaii is one of the most culturally diverse states in the United States and the most isolated, populated land mass in the world! Its unique blend of Polynesian, Asian, and Western values has evolved over the years to what folks in the islands call, “local style.” Diversity is celebrated and mutual trust and reliance are keys to survival. Local laws are plentiful, complex, and provide strong protections for employees. Employers, regardless of size, are often challenged with balancing conflicting business demands.

Passionate about HR and recognizing that employers needed a local resource, Vantaggio brought our 20 years of award-winning expertise to our Hawaii- based practice in 2006. Our team members have not just been HR consultants but have worked as HR professionals in local companies across a wide range of industries. As a result, our Hawaii HR services are based on an extensive knowledge of federal and state employment law plus years of experience in the field. This combination of technical know-how and business acumen allows us to deliver customized solutions that ensure compliance while embracing each client’s unique company culture. At Vantaggio, we tailor our services to fit how our clients run their businesses and forge long-term relationships with them, ensuring that they have the most productive and successful relationships as possible with their employees.

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